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Every year, Covelo Clinic is looking for first -year vet students at UC Davis to join the team.

We will send out sign-ups and interviews applications in the spring semester! If you are interested, submit an interest form below.

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3 Available Positions for Spring 2024 Application

Head Coordinator

3 Available Roles
Responsible for communications between coordinators and faculty, applying for grants and funding, recruiting doctors.

Training Coordinator

3 Available Roles
Responsible for recruiting volunteers for each clinic, communications between coordinators and volunteers, pre-clinic and on-site training.

Inventory Coordinator

2 Available Roles
Responsible for ordering and organizing inventory: supplies, drugs, vaccines, preventatives, tools etc.

Other Coordinator Duties

Covelo Coordinator roles don't just end there. Before, during and the after the clinic, there are multiple miscellaneous roles that must be assumed by a single or group of coordinators.

Required Clinic Duties for All Coordinators:

Master Scheduler

Works with doctors and surgery room coordinators to keep the flow of pre-medicated patients, induced patients, and surgical patients from the treatment floor through the operating room to reduce lag time.

1-2 Coordinators will be stationed at the scheduling white boards and is responsible for authorizing pre-medication and induction times.

Surgery Room Coordinator

2-3 Coordinators in the operating room (OR) to help students and surgeons with a variety of tasks such as:
- changing out oxygen tanks and refilling ISO
- opening sterile instruments and packs for the surgeons
- keeping the OR clean and prepping surgery tables for next patients
- helping students hook up patients to anesthesia/fluids and tying patients down
- final surgery prep/scrub on planned incision site
 and much more~

Drug Lords

2-3 Coordinators will be stationed at the "Drug Lords" table and responsible for:
- resconstituting drugs
- drawing and labeling injectable drugs
- logging controlled substances
- checking student calculations for drugs and drip rates
- keep inventory on drugs used

Autoclave Room Coordinator

1 Coordinator will be stationed in the Autoclave Room to make sure surgery students are responsible for getting their instruments properly washed and sterilized, the autoclave machine is running, and keeping the flow of pack-wrapping consistent as surgery goes alone.

Biopsy Coordinator

1 Coordinator responsible for biopsies of masses removed from patients at Covelo. Responsibilies will include labeling masses for biopsies, handling transportation of masses to VM3B, communication with pathologists, surgeons, and clients, and working with Records Coordinator with updating biopsy reports to the patient medical records.

Records Coordinator

1 Coordinator responsible for handling all the records (medical records, biopsy reports, liability waivers and legal paperwork etc.)  and making sure the Patients Record Submission Form is up to date. Responsibilities will be to distribute the records for digital input, storing and organization of all records, and answering communications regarding any records.

Website Support Coordinator

1 Coordinator responsible for updating the Covelo website on - ideally a Volunteer Coordinator or works closely with one to make sure all the updated information and alerts are on the website landing page for vet students to access in regards to a scheduled clinic, important alerts, and RSVP/forms.

Inventory Storage Coordinator

1 Coordinator (ideally Inventory) to help manage and store inventory at their place of residence or at a storage unit if no residence can be used. Responsible for coordinator loading and unloading schedules for supplies to and from Covelo.

Covelo BONES Coordinator

1 Coordinator to communicate and work closely with Barb from BONES and other Covelo community members to get up-to-date information on the community, pets scheduled to be seen, emergencies, etc.