What you need to know before you go:

This is the basic packing list and information for all Covelo Clinic trips. To view up-to-date information on an upcoming clinic, please go to the clinic date information page.

We highly recommend insuring your trip to Covelo through UC Davis Safety Services:

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Upcoming Clinic Information

Everything you need to know for the upcoming clinic.

Carpooling Sheet

Mandatory for all drivers to fill out for safety reasons.

Covelo, CA Weather Forecast

Make sure you pack for the right weather!

Packing List

If this is your first time, use our recommended packing list.


Students and faculty will need to provide their own transportation to the clinic location in Covelo, CA.

Please note that it can be a windy rural road once you hit Mendocino County! We recommend carpooling with a buddy for safety.

The address is 22830 Airport Rd. Covelo, CA 95428

Directions: If you're coming from Davis, the recommended route is to take Hwy 5N to 20W to 101N to 162 (Covelo Rd) or via I-80W to Hwy 101-N (less windy rural roads). Avoid taking FH7, M4, or M1 from Orland as these are rather treacherous dirt roads! After you pass through Willits and are on Hwy 101, the turn off onto Covelo Road (Hwy 162) is easy to miss so be sure to have your GPS on so it will alert you when the right-hand turn is coming up.

When you enter Covelo, you will be on the main Covelo Rd (Hwy 162). Make a left on Howard Street, and at the end, make another left onto Airport Rd. Once you make it to Airport Rd follow it for a while and then around a bend to the right. You should see a building off in the distance with lights on. This is the community rec center where the clinic will be held. Pull into the big dirt parking lot behind the building and park anywhere.

Carpool Sign Ups

Sign up for carpooling here. All drivers must fill this out, regardless if you're taking any passengers or not (for safety reasons). Note: you will need to be logged into your UC Davis Email in order to access the carpool form.

Sleeping Arrangements

Expect the nights to be cold. The days will depend on the season.

Recommended Packing List:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat/Pad
  • Extra Pillow/Blankets

If you are in need of gear or have gear to share, please let the coordinators know!

UPDATE: Sleeping inside the building is now available. If you choose to sleep inside you will have to break down your sleeping set up and pack it back into your car Saturday and Sunday morning before the clinic starts at 7 AM. Also, the coordinators will be up late at night and up early in the morning, so the lights will be on and there will be noise. There will also likely be patients staying in the community center and making some noise.

Food and Meals

Covelo's Community Gives Back

As their appreciation for our help, the community of Covelo helps prepare meals for our students starting on Saturday morning and into Sunday lunchtime.

We are currently trying to limit our plastic water bottle and single-use plastic waste - please bring your reusable water bottle, tupperware and utensils to Covelo.

Please prepare to bring your own meals on Friday!

Dietary Restrictions

We are so grateful for the community to be able to prepare meals for us so we cannot submit requests for special diets. If you do have any dietary restrictions, please bring your own.

There are refrigerators, microwaves, and a bread toaster oven available on site! The kitchen also contains a sink for dishwashing.

Personal Hygiene

There will not be showers available on-site at Covelo.

Available facilities:

  • All-gender toilets
  • 4 sinks total
  • Mirrors

Cellular Reception

Honestly... don't count on it.

Be aware: there is VERY LIMITED cell phone service at Covelo.

If you get lost on your way up, please call Jenn Cossaboon at (609) 471-0772 if you do have reception or can access a phone.

If she doesn't have service, you can call or find our local contact, Barb (BONES Rescue), for directions: (707) 367-1543.

COVID-19 Updates

VMTH Covid-19 Protocol
Because we are an extension of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, we will be abiding by the VMTH COVID-19 protocol.

Symptom Survey Not Required
Masks Recommended

We won't be enforcing masking requirements for all students while in the clinic, but we highly recommend it. Masking is required in the surgery room at all times.