Anesthesia Training

Pre-Surgical Prep

While your partner is scrubbing into surgery and donning their gloves and gowns, you will be in charge of prepping the patient surgically with the help of RVTs at the surgerical prep station.

Clipping Hair

Use clean electric razors to clip all the hair on the lower ventral abdomen of your patient. Be careful not to cause any clipper burns. If you are unsure about the margins, ask an RVT near you.

Surgical Prep Scrubbing

Use povidone iodine scrub first and then alcohol to clean and scrub the surgical site. Do a general scrub before doing 2 sets of aseptic technique scrubbing. Remember to spiral outwards.

Monitoring Patient

You should also be monitoring your patient or having an RVT helping you monitor the entire time the patient is under. After the patient is scrubbed and ready, ask for help to bring the patient into the OR.

Anesthetic Depth Indicator