Timeline and Information for the
August 9-11th, 2024 Clinic

Covelo Clinic Timeline

Training Dates

REQUIRED Orientation: Valley 1041

Date TBD     Time TBD

Attendance will be documented!

OPTIONAL Clinical Skills Lab: MPT 2130

Date TBD Time TBD

*Highly encouraged for first and second years to practice scrubbing into surgery.

If you cannot attend, please notify colmeyer@ucdavis.edu ASAP.

Friday, August 9th

COVID-19 Protocol: No symptom survey required - however if you are sick, please alert us and stay home.

4pm - Plan to arrive at Covelo (approximately 3.5 hour drive from Davis).

4-5pm - Help set up clinic and tents

5-7pm - Orientation & Training

~7pm - Ice breakers and board games!

Saturday, August 10th

7am - Intake Patients

Wellness and surgery all day.

7pm - Clinic Meeting, WWW/EBY's

TBD - Social activities!

Sunday, August 11th

7am - Intake Patients

Wellness and surgery all morning.

2pm - Clean up, pack up!

4pm - Depart from Covelo back to Davis.

Selection Emails Out!

When: TBD

Vet students selected for the upcoming Covelo Clinic will be emailed!

If you did not receive an email, you were unfortunately not selected but may be on the waitlist.

If you have been selected to be on the waitlist, we will email you a week later. Look out for a waitlist notification on your email.

Mandatory Training

Date TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Valley Hall 1041

Selected vet students participating in the upcoming Covelo Clinic are required to attend this mandatory training session. We will go over expectations and protocols for the clinic.


Waivers must be signed here and submitted online to SAVMA!


Attendance will be documented.

Clinical Skills Lab

Date TBD
Time: TBD
Location: 2130 MPT

Clinical skills lab available for selected vet students participants who want to practice or refresh their skills prior to the clinic.


Skills we will be emphasizing:
- Surgical gowning/gloving
- Surgical pack wrapping
- IV catheter placement
- Endotracheal tube intubation


Can't make our clinical skills lab? No worries - as vet students you can access CSL any time during open hours.