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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email us at for any questions you have!

How can I join the team?

We'd love for you to join the TEDxUCDavis Team! We do recruitment during Spring and Fall Quarter. Our commitments are year long.

How can I keep updated with news and upcoming events?

We update our instagram @tedxucdavis regularly and our website is a great place to look!

Where is the conference this year?

This year, our conference Wholehearted is on April 13th in California Hall.

How do I become a speaker?

We usually have speaker applications starting in January and will go through the applications and complete them within a few weeks. To become a speaker, you fill out an application, submit a 1 minute video and if we like you, you may be contacted for a virtual meeting. If you are chosen to become a speaker, we will assist you with whatever you need to perform your talk.

Do you cover travel fees?

At this time we do not cover travel fees for attendees or speakers.