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This organization is for students who are interested in helping children, who enjoy popular children's characters such as princes and princesses and who are looking for a fulfilling volunteer and excellent social opportunity in their college life. This organization is for those who love princesses, princes, and fairy tale characters as well as helping children. Princess Pals is an organization that allows students to dress up as well-known storybook characters and princesses and volunteer at local hospitals, elementary schools, shelters, and more. Our goal is to raise the spirits of patients and people in need while providing an opportunity for students to have fun dressing up and portraying a character. We will have several visits per Quarter to hospitals and other locations as well as biweekly meetings. Our organization also emphasizes a social aspect (i.e. a Big and Little Program and member social events) and strives to create a safe, welcoming environment for all members.









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Daphne Joanna Mora Profile

Daphne Joanna Mora

2023-2024 Secondary Leader
Annika Zamora Profile

Annika Zamora

2023-2024 Primary Leader
Valeria Ramirez-Leng Profile

Valeria Ramirez-Leng

2023-2024 Treasurer/Financial Officer


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