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Camp Kesem is a student run non-profit organization at UC Davis that provides support to families coping with cancer. Every year we set a goal to raise money to provide a free summer camp for children whose parents have or have had cancer. Both campers and counselors (UC Davis students) look forward to this week all year because not only is it a fun filled week, but it gives the kids a chance to escape the stress of their home life and to enjoy being a kid. It also gives them a chance to spend time with other kids who are going through similar situations. Since cancer is a financial burden on the family, it is important that we keep Camp Kesem entirely free. Because of this, we spend the year planning fundraisers that will help us to reach our goal and each year we work to allow more kids the opportunity to attend camp.









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Isabel Sagheb Profile

Isabel Sagheb

2023-2024 Treasurer/Financial Officer
Brittney Tran Profile

Brittney Tran

2023-2024 Primary Leader
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Caidell Holbrook

2023-2024 Secondary Leader


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